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Getting to know Iran and Iranian culture and enjoying our special programs and surprises during the trip .

After years of experience and in tourism in Iran now we can proudly provide all kinds of special trips for you dears who plan to travel to Iran.

Here you will get to know about our important tour and travels in Iran that we are running every year.

our trips and tours to Iran

Iran cultural tours

voyage culturels iran

Get to know the culture and customs of Iranian people and visit famous places in every city such as Isfahan, Persepolis, so Iran Darius Travels will do its best so that you, dear tourists, can experience a rich and unforgettable trip in Iran.

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Iran ecotourism and cultural tours

desert tour and travel iran

Ecotourism and Cultural Tours of Iran Darius Travels is a combination of natural and cultural sites for those who are interested in Iranian nature and culture.

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Trekking and cultural tours in Iran

Trek en iran

At IranDarius Voyage you can find the best trekking tours and climbing either tailor-made or in groups. We have experienced English and French speaking mountain guides.

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Iran Luxury Tours

luxury tour iran

Our great specialty is organizing trips according to your wishes and getting to know the culture and customs of the Iranian people and visiting famous places in every city such as Isfahan, Persepolis, Shiraz,Yazd city so Iran Darius Travels will do its best to let you, dear tourists to exprience a rich trip in Iran.Our Luxury tours in Iran are the maximum level of our services. As enthusiasts, our goal is to pass on our art of travel to you. We create a travel plan according to your wishes, facilities and abilities.

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off-road 4x4 travel in iran

The variety of weather and geography of Iran has made it possible to visit Iran in any season of the year. As you know, Iran has two very large and famous deserts, Lut and Dasht Kavir, and the location of several soaring mountain ranges has made many of the natural and historical attractions of Iran remain unattainable and pristine.
By the off-road and two-wheel drive team of Iran Darius Voyage, you will step into the pristine nature with the best available vehicles.

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motorcycle tour and rental iran

Riding on mountain and forest paths, passing through remote villages, stopping in fields and drinking tea with local residents and away from the hustle and bustle of the city by motorbike in Iran Dariush’s motorcycle tours are among other special programs for those who are interested in traveling by motorbike. It is a trip that may become the most unforgettable trip of your life.

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climbing iran site tour

In addition to the abundance of historical and cultural sites, delicious and varied food, you can enjoy the pleasure of climbing in Iran in beautiful areas and in the rock climbing paradise of iranians in the nature .

Prepared rocks and famous sites such as the wall of Alam Kouh peak are among the special programs of the rock climbing and mountaineering team of Iran Darius Travel Agency.

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ski touring Iran

The amazing and snowy mountains of Alborz and Zagros are a paradise for ski touring and off-piste skiers . deep trails and valleys, silence and the absence of anyone for several days will make you fall in love with your next trip to Iran now that you are here.

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